Some banks in the UK acknowledge services that need to access your online statements like Bean in their Terms and Conditions.

Other are less explicit, so they do not name or openly endorse any other external organisation that needs to use your transaction data. This does not mean, they prohibit the use of aggregation platforms such as Bean.

As they should be, banks are very concerned about preventing fraud and so they tell their customers not to share their passwords. There is however a difference between fraudsters accessing your account, vs securely using your transaction data to help you improve your financial health.

We at Bean understand these concerns, that is why we believe that security is the most crucial part of our business. We have built Bean from the ground up using modern security protocols at the heart of everything that we do.

Most banks generally have a cautious approach towards platforms aggregation platforms. However, in the end it is your choice whether you want to use Bean, If you do have any further questions around this we're to directly answer any of your security questions.

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