To link your NatWest accounts to Bean, we require the following information.

A) Customer number

This is your date of birth in the format ddmmyy, followed by your 4-digit unique number, which identifies you to NatWest. 


This is the 4-digit number that you are asked to enter in step 2 of the NatWest Online Banking login process. Typically to access NatWest you need to provide only 3 digits. For Bean to work with NatWest we require all 4 digits.

C) Password

This is a 6-20 character password that you need to log on to your online banking. Typically to access NatWest you will need to provide only 3 digits. To use Bean you will need to enter the full password.


Forgotten your NatWest online banking login details

If you have forgotten any of your online banking login credentials you can follow the instructions at the following link...

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