Linking multiple bank accounts to Bean means it's less likely any bills or subscriptions will fall through the cracks but we understand that you may want to remove an account for a number of reasons. To remove a connected account simply: 

  1. Log into your Bean account
  2. Navigate to the Accounts tab
  3. Find the account you wish to remove
  4. Click the red Remove button (as seen below)

You'll also be able to reconnect any accounts which have expired or have been taken offline due to technical issues. In this case you'll see an alert and a second option to Reconnect, as seen below.

Please note, from October 18th, unsupported accounts will no longer be available to reconnect. Please see our list of supported banks and credit cards to see if your account will be affected. 

When you remove an account, all associated data, including contracts and renewal dates, will be deleted from your account and will no longer be shown on your dashboard. Should you wish to view these again you'll need to re-attach your account. 

There's an option on each linked account to enable or disable it from displaying on your Bean dashboard. This means you can alter your dashboard and hide specific accounts without deleting the bank connection. 

Removing your account connection will not delete your Bean account. 

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